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Since 1985, Complete Maintenance┬« has provided professional lawn care in your neighborhood. 

Below please find a list of the services we provide:




Our custom lawn care program is tailored for the needs of your lawn.

Each application utilizes premium dry granular fertilizer to build a deeper root system.

The Result: A beautiful plush green lawn with no weeds.

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Weed Control:

Our custom weed control service is included in each application.

We use a safe and targeted approach to promote a weed free healthy turfgrass stand.

Higher mowing at 2.5 to 3 inches is best for your lawn.

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Mosquito and Tick Program:

Start enjoying your yard this summer with our Mosquito and Tick Program.

We offer All Natural Program or a Hybrid Program for your yard.

For the best results possible we recommend our 6-application Program beginning in early spring through Fall.

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Tree and Shrub Care Program:

Your Trees and Shrubs are an important part in the enjoyment you receive from your landscape.

We customize each application for your property to safely treat for insects and disease.

Our custom blended fertilizer promotes deep root growth and beautiful Trees and Shrubs.

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Lawn Mowing:

Proper lawn mowing is essential to a healthy lawn.

Please mow at 2.5 to 3 inches once a week during the growing season.

Please contact us if you need a quote for weekly mowing.

Watering 1 to 2 inches weekly during dry periods will promote a healthy green lawn.

Please contact us for a quote on Lawn Sprinkler Service.

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Landscape Lighting:

When the sun sets, landscape lighting enhances the beauty of your property.

We install premium light fixtures to light up columns and plants at night.

Just request a free estimate at your convenience.

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Sprinkler Service:

Watering your lawn is essential during the growing season. If you have an underground lawn sprinkler system, we provide Spring Start-Up and repairs if needed.

During the season we can provide service if you need it. In Fall, we Shut-Down the system and provide Winterization.

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