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Mosquito & Tick Control Services

Start enjoying your yard this summer with our Mosquito and Tick Program. We offer All Natural Program or a Hybrid Program for your yard. For the best results possible we recommend our 6-application Program beginning in early spring through Fall.

Our team is licensed and trained to take extra care when servicing your property. We spray your property careful to treat all bushes, shrubs, trees, and low points in the yard. This not only eliminates full-grown mosquitoes but also mosquito eggs, preventing new mosquitoes from hatching in your yard. Our products are eco-friendly and EPA-registered safe for your family and pets.

All Natural Control Program

The All Natural Program provides good control under normal seasonal conditions

We apply all natural products and essential oils to treat mosquitos on your property

We offer a 6 application program starting in spring and ending in fall.

Hybrid Control Program

The Hybrid Program offers more effective control under heavier infestation periods.

We apply all natural products and essential oils to treat mosquitos in early spring and fall.

For the Spring, Summer, Late Summer and Early Fall applications we use traditional EPA approved products during the peak mosquito season.

Pre-pay your 6 application program and receive the Spring application FREE!

Special Event Applications

We offer one- time applications for your outdoor special events – Call the office at 1-800-971-LAWN or email to schedule!



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